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Searching for liens is a difficult task in New York. Every public records office has its own regulations, and searching for a single document in a large building causes problems for people who need a bit more information about a property. Ordering a few pieces of documentation from a service is much easier than sending a clerk to find it on your own.

#2: Adding Liens

Adding liens to a title can be done in the public records with the proper documentation, but you must hire an agency to help you. Adding liens on behalf of your business is extremely difficult when you have other work to do. Your company will benefit from the time saved when a lien service does the work for you.

The lien service will add the liens to each title that is required, and you may send out notification of the lien to each customer. Your business spends a small amount of money on the lien service, and you put in place every lien that is required. Cars and homes that need to have liens attached can be done quickly, and you can ensure faster payment for each lien.

#3: Lien Releases

Finding liens that must be released is no different than searching for liens. The liens that must be released are found in county or city records offices, and the forms for lien releases can be filled out in the office. You send in the documentation for a lien release, and a clerk is sent to release each lien that has been placed on a car or home.

Owners of each home or car need documentation that states the lien was released, and your business must provide such information. You can hire a clerk to go into each records office to complete this work on your behalf. The lien is released with your consent, and the local government will send notification to the owners of their lien status. You are not responsible for the government documentation, but you are liable under the law for the release of the lien.

#4: Who Needs This Service?

Every car dealer servicer in the area needs help with liens. Car dealers know when cars have been paid off by their owners. Loans are satisfied every day through refinancing programs, payoffs and short sales.

The documentation you send out to each county record office must be accompanied by an individual who knows how to submit the proper lien forms. Clerks who go to each county and city records office understand the procedures for these offices. The lien papers are submitted quickly, searched quickly and you receive results the same day. A large order can be completed in a different municipality every day, and your business is assured that all liens papers are submitted properly.

Your business must inform local governments and customers of liens and lien releases. Searching for lien documents on your own wastes time you cannot afford, but hiring a service to find all the needed lien paperwork is a much more efficient way of doing business in the loan industry.


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